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Task manager with reminders based on gestures

Create a new task

Tasks can be created using simple gestures, just pull down the category or anywhere in the area for tasks.

The task will always appear in the first place and after editing and optional adjustments of data it moves to the correct position.

Completing and deleting the task

If you already have a task done, it can be hidden from the task list.

You can mark it as finished - this saves it into history, or you can delete it entirely.

History can be accessed by double clicking on the category.

Changing the task list

Hold your finger on the name of the current list at the top of the application screen for fast switching to appear.

On the same screen, you can also create entirely new list.

iCloud sync

The application allows you to enable synchronization via iCloud so all your tasks will be accessible from any iOS device.

Set of features
  • Organize your tasks to four categories (To-Do, Call, Pay, Buy)
  • Create different task lists for your work, school etc.
  • Set date and time to task
  • Distinguish tasks by a color depending on a day when they should be completed
  • Reorder tasks
  • Be aware of already completed tasks thanks to task history
  • iCloud synchronization
  • Gesture-based management of your tasks
  • Available in English, Spanish, Portugese, Russian, German, Czech, French, Chinese and Japanese

Pro tips
  • Swipe down to create new task
  • Double tap to set date & time to a task
  • Swipe right to mark task as done
  • Swipe left to delete task
  • Swipe down from the top to change task list
  • Swipe right on the top of the screen to go to settings


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